Dr. William Chase

Dr. William J. Chase

Minister of Music and Sr. Adults
Email: bill@mycbcc.org


September 4


Wife: Brenda


Doctor of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary;
Master of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary;
Bachelor of Music from Western Kentucky University


Started serving as Minister of Music in 1977, has served since then in Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina.
Has served in multiple-role positions, including music/youth, music/education and music/senior adults.
Headed team that started a Christian school as part of the church’s ministry.


Favorite book of the Bible:


Favorite authors:
Wayne Grudem, Daniel Akin, James Boyce


Spiritual gifts:
Administration and Teaching


Univ of Kentucky Wildcats(Sports), Golf and Miniature Golf


How you can pray for me:
Please pray for my wife, my children, their spouses and my six grandchildren.