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Covenant Students


Covenant Students is a special youth group to be a part of, where 7th-12th grade students can connect with their peers, grow in their spiritual walk, and be challenged to invest in the Kingdom of God in everyday life. We strive to serve our students and their families by investing in the lives of each and every student who comes through our doors. We believe that our students should have a BIG view of God, be able to spiritually feed themselves with the resources God has given us, and be set on a path to grow as a disciple of Jesus who makes other disciples.


Our students chose 1 Peter 3:8 as our verse to embody the type of group that we want to be. It reads, “Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude.” Our students and leadership work to maintain a welcoming and familial atmosphere within our group. We want each student to know just how much God loves them, that our church also loves them and their families, and that God has a unique purpose and plan for their valuable life that should be found out and followed!

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Weekly Meeting Times:

Sundays (9:00am):
We have a weekly Bible Study where we go through entire books of the Bible from start to finish. It’s our hope that students grow familiar with journeying through the Bible book by book and learn to break down passages and apply them in their own lives.

Wednesdays (6:00pm):
Our Wednesday night meetings are called RECHARGE. It’s a mid-week opportunity for our students to be refreshed with a time of worship, prayer, fellowship, and a topical study or equipping series.

Student Ministry Events:
Our group loves to hangout and serve together. We typically have one or two game nights a month, along with other events like summer camp, DNOW, retreats, and outreach opportunities.

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Student Ministry Service Team:
At the start of each academic year, students can submit applications to be on the Student Ministry Service Team. The service commitment runs for the duration of the academic year; beginning in August and concluding in May. The members of this team serve alongside the Student Pastor in a variety of ways, such as helping to plan events, studies, mission projects, camps, retreats, lead in worship, lead in prayer, and have teaching opportunities as well.

Adam Howard – Student Pastor
Office: 901-853-0700 x104

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